On its 180th Founding Anniversary, Calaca celebrates the 11th CALACAtchara Festival

calacatcharaONE of the oldest settlements in Batangas, the Municipa-lity of Calaca has all the reasons to celebrate its 180th founding day at the feast day of its patron saint, St. Raphael the Archangel. An emerging industrial capital in the west, Calaca takes its pride of being the home to delicious pickles of different variants, thus the 11th CALACAtchara Festival.

Tasting Atchara once again provided a venue and platform for all Calaqueños and its adjoining towns to showcase the best that they can offer while seeking for spiritual and emotional connection with our Creator and from out town’s rich history.

The week-long line of activities however highlight a wide array of activities, as follows:

Caracol de San Rafael – A fluvial processuion in honor of Calaca’s patron sait, St. Raphael the Arcangel, held at coastal barangayas attended by parishioners and devotees even from outside Calaca town.

Calaca Night Academy – presentation of students from Calaca Academy focusing on the towns development on different aspects with the trending hashtag #ThrowbackPaMore.

Palarong Pinoy – The day starts with palarong Pinoy, a way of looking back to the past time of children before which aims to inculcate the importance of engaging in such a fun-filled games in the presence of technology.

Photo Exhibit – Staged at the municipal hall ground lobby featuring Calaca Noon at Ngayon.

Bb. CALACAtchara 2015 – The most awaited pagent night and partici-pated by lovely elegant and deserving lasses who vied for the title Bb. CALACAtchara 2015.

CALACAtchara Run for Fun – The first Colorful Fun Run, a friendly race along Poblacion area with partici-pants taking part for their own enjoy-ment rather than competition. It has three divisions: kids division, adult (male and female), and senior citizens division. This 3-km run aims to promote camaraderie among the runners.

DepEd Night – A presentation of collaborative efforts of students/teachers from Calaca featuring “Tatak ng Noon, kaunlaran sa kasalukuyan at Pangarap sa Kinabukasan”. A variety show looking back at Calaca, its transformation and development and its aspirations for the future.

Fun Ride – The 1st friendly bike ride that aims to promote the terrains in our own especially in the upland barangays. Since Calaca is an indus-trialized municipality, it is best to have environmental friendly alternative form of transformation which is biking.

Skim Boarding – Flatland skim boarding (also known as inland skim boarding) is a form of skim boarding practiced on non-coastal waters such as rivers, lakes, streams, or puddles. It used a wooden board about three times as wide as the skate board and a one and half times as long. The board is thrown across a thin film of water. While the board is still moving, the rider jumps on and skims across the water to do whatever tricks he or she can imagine.

Car & Motor Show – Allows audience to have a feast on different luxurious, elegant & lavish vehicles owned by car and motor enthusiasts from different parts of the country.

Opening Ceremonies – It highlights different events on the same day tthat include Agricultural Fair, food festival/cookfest, the PINAKA-biggest & longest harvest of farmers. It also showcased Sublian, a traditional dance originated in Batangas and the exciting drum and lyre competition joined by students from elementary and secon-dary schools both in public and private.

Karambola – In the afternoon was the occasional sabong sideshow at Tamayo Cockpit Arena. It is a wild entertaining and zany labo-labo event that pits 10 or more cocks at one time, simultaneously slashing and parrying until one cock remains standing. The winning owner claims all the dead cocks plus the prize pot money.

The Voice Kids Calaqueño & ABC Night – A Liga ng mga Barangay featured search for the fiest and most enchanting voices in the entire munici-pality. Each barangay having a represen-tative aiming to discover singing talents for kids 7-13 years old, the grand champion having the chance to audition at a nationwide singing contest.

Children’s Day – In celebration of Children’s Day, the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office showcased talents of Day care pupils in their rendition of different folk dances.

“Ka Voice na Ka Look a Like Pa” Senior Citizens’ Night – Showdown of talents performed by Senior Citizens vying for the title “Ka Voice na Ka Look a Like Pa”.

Job Fair – a public service event which provides local and foreign job opportunities to local residents.

Great Dance Contest – Trending and powerful dance moves that rock the stage, different performance and different personalities in one big event.

All Star Basketball – An exhi-bition game between the Local Govern-ment unit headed by Mayor Sofronio Manuel C. Ona and other LGU officials and employees versus selected star players of the on-going sports program Mayor Boogle Ona Cup Season 2.

Ms. Gay – The parade of beauty from the gay community exhibiting their talents and ingenuity truly Calaqueño.

Grand Parade with Higantes – A grand parade which postered cama-raderie and unity in the community. It highlighted the participation of the establishments/companies, people’s organizations and NGOs.

B-Meg Night – A kinf variety show patronized by audience of all ages sponsored by B-Meg with artists and TV personalities as guests.

Misa Concelebrada – Saint Raphael parishioners and devotees flocked the Church in the morning to hear the Holy Mass. The traditional procession was held at 4:00 o’clock int eh afternoon followed by colourful fireworks.

Mayor’s Night – A normally back to back concert of famous bands and artists.|



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